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Black Bear Hunting with Inzana OutfittersBlack Bear Hunts in BC Canada
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Black Bear Hunts, BC Canada

Black Bear Hunting

Inzana Outfitters has it all when it comes to big trophy black bears. BC is well known for having the highest density of black bears in North America and with our salmon spawning rivers, abundant berries and 2000 square miles of prime remote bear habitat, our bears get big.  We have produced top quality trophy bears every year by managing our harvest very carefully. Each spring we take a maximum of 12 hunters and focus on harvesting big mature boar bears. 

Our spring black bear hunts are spot and stalk fair chase hunts with over 100% success rates for the last 14 years. Our spring bear hunters usually see between 15 to 40 bears during a five-day hunt, the weather being a huge factor.

In the spring we hunt the clear cuts and logging roads and focus on areas that have south facing exposures as these areas green up first, the big boars also begin the rut in May. With the high density of bears in our area we are able to focus on harvesting mature trophy bears with record book bears harvested each spring.

These spring bears have beautiful winter coats that make exceptional rugs and mounts. Most of our black bears square out between 6 foot and 7 foot.

Rates & Schedule

Spring Black Bear, Wolf Combo Hunt ($US)

May 1st to June 15th

  • 5 day hunt (6 nights) 2 on 1 $3995 US
  • 5 day hunt (6 nights) 1 on 1 $4995 US
  • $1000 US for second bear
  • See Hunting Rates for other Licenses and Fees


Photos for Spring 2017 Black Bear Hunt

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Hunting Black BearRecord Book Black Bear Hunt in BCRecord Book Black BearBC Black Bear HuntingHunting Black BearRecord Book Black Bear Hunt in BCHunting  Black BearBC Black Bear Hunting


Photos for Spring 2016 Black Bear Hunt

Record Book Black BearRecord Book Black Bear Hunt in BCGeorge Lawrence Record Book Black BearBC Black Bear Hunting


Photos for Spring 2015 Black Bear Hunt

Record Book BearRecord Book Black BearBlack Bear Hunt in BCBlack Bear Hunt


Photos for Spring 2014 Black Bear Hunt

Nick Gilliam Record Book BearJim Joy Record Book BearChris Yaremko Record book bearBarry Goodwin, Black Bear Hunt


This price does not include your licenses and tags. See Hunting Rates for other licenses and species tag fees

Our spring bear hunters can purchase a $50 wolf tag and carry it during their bear hunt. We encourage spring bear hunters to harvest and manage wolves in our area if an opportunity presents itself. We do not charge you for hunting wolves on the spring bear hunt, they are incidental only. Once your bear is harvested your hunt is over, we do not charge for wolf hunting so do not take out hunters in the spring only for wolves. If you are interested in a wolf hunt then we encourage you to book a winter baited wolf hunt.


Spot and Stalk - Fair Chase

Jim Sessions Spring 2013 Black Bear Hunt

Record Book 2016 - #1 Black Powder Bear

George Lawrence with a huge black bear taken with his black powder rifle. We spotted the bear feeding so we kicked off our boots and started sneeking closer. George was able to get to 40 yards and then made a perfect shot. The bear squared out at 7ft and had a skull measurement of 20 2/16 which should make it the new #1 black powder black bear in the Mountain Hunter Record books and put George in the top 10 for Mountain Black Bear.

Jim Sessions Spring 2013 Black Bear Hunt
Record Book Bear - Best of the West - 2013

Record Book Black Bears

A list of Inzana Outfitters Mountain Hunter Record Book Mountain Black Bears

For 2017 Spring Season
Garret Heying 18 2/16
Doug McComb 20 0/16
Doug McComb 19 7/16
Dave Maroon 18 0/16

For 2016 Spring Season
George Lawrence 20 2/16
Sharlene Whitaker 18 6/16
Mark Priscator 19 1/16

For 2015 Spring Season
Jason Presnull 18 13/16
Eddie Presnull 18 2/16

For 2014 Spring Season
Nick Gilliam 18 3/4
Jim Joy 18 0/16
Chris Yaremko 18 4/16

For 2013 Spring Season
Dillon Brewer 19 7/16
Ray Jewell 19 5/16
Jim Sessions 19 2/16 (Best of the West)
John Dawson 19 2/16

For 2012 Spring Season
Jeff Frost  19 6/16
Jim Sessions  18 6/16
Jordan Beard 18 5/16
Matthew   18 2/16
Jeff Frost 18 1/16


Archery Mountain Black Bear

Brian Wright 18 6/16