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Record Book Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear Hunting

A list of Inzana Outfitters Mountain Hunter Record Book Mountain Black Bears

Gary Wright   20 1/16
Lyle Nygren   20
Masiota Jerzy  19 6/16
Dean Thompson  19 4/16
Marty Reynolds  19 3/16
Steve Balcos   19
Eric Utter  18 11/16
Roger Hansberry 18 7/16
Brian Wright  18 6/16
Marek Wichlinski  18 4/16
Jim Thune 18 3/16
Roger Hansberry  18 3/16
Paul Anderson  18 1/16

For 2012 Spring Season
Jeff Frost  19 6/16
Jim Sessions  18 6/16
Jordan Beard 18 5/16
Matthew Lipman  18 2/16
Jeff Frost 18 1/16

Archery Mountain Black Bear

Brian Wright 18 6/16