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Moose Hunting with Inzana OutfittersMoose Hunting in BC Canada
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Moose Hunting in BC Canada


Inzana Outfitters has just expanded their hunting territory. This newly acquired area adds an extra 1000 sq miles of prime moose habitat. We are excited to announce that by purchasing this new area which borders our own, we can offer more premium moose tags to our hunters.

We are Booking NOW for Prime Moose Hunts in the fall of 2018.

Our Moose Hunts

Canadian Moose Hunts - Inzana Outfitters provides high quality moose hunts in some of the best moose habitat in British Columbia. Our bull moose management system is designed to allow a limited amount of hunters into the area each season through a Limited Entry Draw, our clients do not have to draw for permits as we provide guaranteed permits as part of your hunting package. Our moose management system also allows our hunters to harvest any size of Bull Moose; we do not have to count points or brow tines.

Our largest bull to date was harvested by Tyler Joy and it scored 190 7/8 in the Boone and Crocket Record Books, it had a span of 56 inches.

Our moose hunting season allows us to Rifle Hunt through the rut and calling in a big mature bull moose during the mating season is a hunting experience that every outdoorsman dreams of. Paul spends a lot of time each winter harvesting and managing the wolves in the guide area to enhance the moose populations.


Rates & Schedule

Fall Mature Bull Moose, Wolf Combo Hunt ($US)

Sept 10th to Nov 5th

  • 7 day hunt (8 nights) 2 on 1 $6995 US
  • 1 on 1 hunt is $8495 US


See Hunting Rates for other Licenses and Fees


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Fall 2017

Moose HuntsMoose huntsMoose Hunting

Fall 2016

Moose HuntsMoose huntsMoose Hunting

Fall 2015

Moose HuntsMoose huntsMoose HuntingMoose hunting in BC

Fall 2014

Moose HuntsMoose huntsMoose HuntingMoose hunts

Your Host - Paul Trepus

Moose Hunting in BC Canada

Paul Trepus and Moose
Your host Paul Trepus

Moose Hunting in BC Canada