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Client Testimonials

"It's been 9 years since my friend Paul Andersen and I had the privilege of you guiding our sucessfull spring bear hunt. It remains the best guiding and outfitter experience we've both had. Few outfitters do what they promise and your continued sucess proves your a man of your word. Paul and I still talk about the great experience we had. From the guiding,the accommodations and your wife's great cooking who could ask for more." - Randy Stalter

"Thank you for being a gracious host and an outstanding guide and moose caller." - Don Mugglie

"Paul, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your great hospitality, food, accommodations and not the least of which, going the extra mile for me." - D Caldwell

"Once again a big "Thank You" to a wonderful family. All of you work so well together to create an outstanding experience for your clients. Paul, I am still impressed with your knowledge of your guide area and the hunting techniques used. Thanks to all of you." - D Seed

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Testimonial from Mike Stafford - click to expand +

I recently experienced a week of moose hunting with three friends. We chose Inzana Outfitters in British Columbia as our host. The accommodations were excellent. The food was fine and abundant. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet intense with a since of anticipation. The guides were very Knowledgeable and capable. Paul and Marilyn Trepus have one thing in mind, to be the best outfitters in Canada. They focused on our enjoyment whatever it was at the time. Paul's knowledge of the area is unsurpassed. After hunting season he continues to gain knowledge of the area by tending a one hundred mile long trapline. In the summer he is out pioneering more trail for the hunting season. When hunting or fishing at Inzana you have the options of boats, canoes Argos pickups, tree stands and many spike camps with nice cabins, You have access to over 1200 square miles of terrain. Bears, moose, wolves, grouse and fish are plentiful. Three of our four hunters bagged a moose and the rut had not fully started yet. We also shot grouse and caught some awesome char and trout. My particular hunt involved Paul calling and challenging a 1500-pound moose to within twenty yards. I do not recommend this type of hunt unless you are confident in your guide. Paul's professionalism and competence shone brightly every step of the way."
Sincerely Mike Stafford - BC Hunter Magazine Summer 2002

John & Heather Aldrich - click to expand +

"Thank you for a great hunt. We had a lot of fun! Heather and I were very impressed with the lodge, the cabins and the excellent home cooking. We really enjoyed the time we shared with you and your family. Oh you, did I mention the great bear hunting? Inzana Outfitters has the best bear hunting we have ever seen. The large numbers of quality bears in your guide area is almost unbelievable. As I recall, Heather and I sew a total of 29 in one week. The number of trophy class bears is a real motivator for any hunter wanting a bear of a lifetime. We are very pleased with our bears especially the 6'8" monster that my wife took at 30 paces with her 3006. As successful business people we are impressed with your operation., it is no wonder it is a total success. We are happy to recommend Inzana Outfitters to anyone wanting a great bear hunt. Many Thanks" - John & Heather Aldrich

Testimonial from Randy Payton - click to expand +

"Dear Paul and Marilyn Once I got home from my moose hunting trip and told my story, my friends have been referring tome as the great grizzly feeder. I have hunted all my life, but the time I had hunting with you is at the top of my list of hunting experiences. I want to thank you for a great trip and my best hunting story of all time." Sincerely - Randy Payton

Testimonial from Paul Andersen - click to expand +

"My friend, Randy and I went to B.C. to try our luck at black bear hunting. To say we had a great hunt would be an understatement. We saw at least 20 black bears, and after a few unsuccessful stalks where we got busted by the wind, we did manage to get within range and we both got beautiful mature bears. Randy's was a nice chocolate bear that squared out at 6'3" and I connected on a black bear that measured 6'6" and made the mountain hunter record book with a skull measurement of 18 1/16". Paul Trepus is an excellent guide/outfitter and worked hard to make our hunt enjoyable and successful. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fair chase hunting adventure." - Paul Andersen -

Testimonial from Tim Whitehouse - click to expand +

Outfitters reviews website - "Went up to B.C. for a five-day hunt, but due to my work schedule I was only able to go for four days. The first afternoon we sighted in our rifles and had a great dinner at the lodge. The second day up at 7:00am had breakfast and went hunting until about one walking old logging roads and glassing clear-cuts. That is basically how we hunted. The evening of the first night I shot a 250lb jet black bear. And on the evening of the third night my son shot a 200lb black bear with a white star on its chest with only 10 minutes left on our last hunt. Saw a lot of bears and a lot of bear sign in the area. Hans is one of the nicest guides I have ever met and is a twenty-year veteran of the area. We are 100% satisfied with this outfitter." - Tim Whitehouse, Pacific Washington

Testimonial from Chris Edminster - click to expand +

Mountain Hunter Magazine - "Dear editor: I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time and hunting experience on my spring grizzly and black bear hunt with Inzana Outfitters. The food was outstanding and the lodging was very comfortable. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the hard work and effort they gave me and how serious they take their business. I can appreciate a family run business that is run with pride and Honesty." - Sincerely Chris Edminster


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