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Winter Trapline AdventuresWinter Trapline Adventures
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Winter Trapline Adventures

Trapline and Lynx Hunts

Come and enjoy a winter trap-line adventure and learn about the animals, trapping methods and fur handling techniques. Paul is well known for his wolf trapping and wolf snaring instructional DVD’s which you can check out at

Paul enjoys teaching the most up-to-date humane trapping systems available and has had a lot of success with canines, with season catches of over 350 wolves, coyotes and foxes.

Paul has worked for the Ministry of Environment live trapping and radio collaring wolves as well as trapping wolves for research projects. He traps predators for ranchers, and community pastures and aggressively manages the wolves within his guiding territory.

Included in your trapline adventure is $300 worth of pelts from animals harvested during your trip.  These will be skinned taxidermy ready and can be tanned and hung on the wall or mounted as life long souveniers, Wolverines are not included but can be purchased if one is caught as well as additional pelts, please remember that Paul makes 
part of his living and supports his family by selling those pelts  
Please note that lynx and wolf require CITIES Permits and must be shipped through customs by a broker which are extra costs. All other animals require an export permit and then can be shipped directly to you.

Rates & Schedule

Trapping Adventures ($US)

November 15th to March 30th

  • 4 day hunt (3 nights) 2 on 1 $3595 US
  • to add a winter wolf hunt add $1200 US
  • See Hunting Rates for other Licenses and Fees


Photos for 2017 Trapline and Lynx

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Trapline Adventures in BCBC Lynx Hunt and TraplineBC Winter TraplineBC Trapline Adventures


2015-16 Season Photos

Trapline AdventuresTrapline AdventuresTrapline AdventuresWinter Trapline Adventures


Lynx Hunting in BC

Trapline Adventures

Hunter Testimonials

Fur Takers Magazine
"The Ultimate Trapping Adventure."
"Total catch for the week, fifteen coyotes, six fox, one lynx, one wolverine, ten marten and four weasel. How do you describe a trip like this? In one word, AWESOME." - Paul Critean


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