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Wolf Hunting with Inzana OutfittersWolf Hunts in BC Canada
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Wolf Trapping

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Wolf Hunts, BC Canada

Winter Wolf Hunting

Paul is well known for his wolf trapping and snaring, instructional DVD’s and huge success out in the field with wolf trapping, snaring and hunting.

A wolf is a rare trophy for any hunter and we encourage each hunter to carry a wolf tag while they are hunting with us in the spring or fall, as you never know when an opportunity will present itself.

During our winter trap-line adventures, our clients have the option to upgrade their trap-line adventure to include wolf hunting. Baits are placed prior to the hunt and are monitored in the mornings and evenings.

Please note Included in your wolf hunt is up to $300 worth of pelts from animals harvested during your trip.


Rates & Schedule

Winter Wolf Hunt ($US)

November 15th to March 30th

  • 5 day hunt (4 nights) 1 on 1 $4595 US


Wolf hunts are also offered in combination with Spring Black Bear, Fall Moose and Trapline Adventures.

See Hunting Rates.


Photos for 2017 Wolf Hunt

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Wolf Hunting in BCWolf Hunting in BCBC Wolf HuntBC Wolf Hunt


2015 - 2016 Season Photos

Winter Wolf HuntsWinter Wolf HuntsWinter Wolf HuntsWinter Wolf Hunts Winter Wolf HuntsWinter Wolf HuntsWinter Wolf Hunts

Winter Wolf Hunts in BC

Wolf Trapping and Snaring

Winter Wolf Hunting in BC Canada

Hunter Testimonials

"Dear Paul - You and your family exceeded all of my hopes, great country, great hunting, great food and a great family. You should be proud of your self for working so hard at living a decent life in these difficult times. I look forward to hunting with you again and please consider me for a reference any time.
Thanks" - Jim Joy


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